Why Netflix is getting hit by a $100 million lawsuit from Comcast for copyright violations

Comcast and Netflix have been in a legal fight over the past few months.

Netflix’s streaming service has been accused of illegally copying content from other companies and has been hit with a class action lawsuit filed by a group of former subscribers who claim they were paid less than the company was supposed to pay them for their service.

The complaint alleges that the content being copied was used on other networks, including on shows like Daredevil, and on video games.

The suit alleges that Netflix and Comcast, both owned by Comcast, have failed to deliver on the promises they made to subscribers to make the service work properly.

The complaint was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, and it’s seeking to enjoin Comcast and Comcast’s parent company, Charter Communications, from continuing to operate the service.

The two companies did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the former subscribers of Comcast’s video streaming service, and Comcast said in a statement that it was aware of the complaint.

The allegations are similar to ones Comcast and other video streaming companies have been making about each other for years, with the exception of the recent class action lawsuits filed against HBO and Netflix.

That lawsuit, filed in October, also accuses Comcast and its parent company Charter of making false statements and misleading the public about the service and its cost.

Netflix, meanwhile, has also been accused by the media of copying content and making it look like it came from other providers, as well as the allegations in the class action complaint against HBO.

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