Weekend Update hosts ask why no one is calling it a day on the war in Syria

After the government in Syria’s capital declared a nationwide state of emergency, a number of online outlets and news sources started calling it the “war of words”.

However, one online magazine, The Intercept, which focuses on national security and intelligence matters, has now decided to officially declare the war a “war” and not a “tear gas attack”.

“The war in the Middle East is now officially a war,” The Intercept’s senior editor and founder, Jeremy Scahill, said in a tweet on Sunday.

“A war, but one that isn’t officially called a war.

That’s because the US and its allies have spent billions of dollars over the last few years to create a permanent war in this part of the world.”

Scahill was referring to the $3.9 billion in U.S. taxpayer money spent to arm, train, and equip Syrian rebels to fight the government of President Bashar Assad.

Scahills claims the war is not only being waged by the U.N.-backed Syrian National Coalition, but also by Turkey, which is backed by Russia and Iran.

The war is also being waged in the U,K., and in Canada, with Canada joining the U of A’s air campaign in support of the Kurds in northern Iraq.

“It’s not just a fight against Assad’s regime, it’s also a fight to liberate our own nation, and it’s a fight we’re waging right now against ISIS, a group we’ve been fighting since the early days of the civil war,” Scahills said.

On Monday, Scahillo, who has a deep interest in Syria, announced he was stepping down from The Intercept to take a role at the Center for the National Interest, a nonprofit organization dedicated to journalism and social justice.

The Intercept is a news website founded by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald and first published in 2005.

It has been a leading source for the global coverage of the Arab Spring uprisings.

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