Which states have seen their highest unemployment rates?

The unemployment rate for the U.S. as a whole has remained stubbornly high at 10.8 percent, and as a percentage of the labor force it’s still higher than most industrialized nations.

The number of people who say they have been unemployed in each state has also remained stubborn: 24.6 percent of adults in the U-S.

are unemployed, compared with 16.9 percent in France and 12.6 in Germany.

Here’s a look at which states have been experiencing the most unemployment over the past several months.1.

California — 24.8% unemployment rateIn November, California’s unemployment rate jumped to 24.7 percent, according to a CNNMoney analysis of government data.

That’s nearly double the national rate of 5.3 percent, which is about the same as France.

Thats a big jump in a state where unemployment rates are generally low and jobs tend to be plentiful.

The state has seen its economy recover from the Great Recession and has added some 700,000 jobs since the end of 2016.

But the unemployment rate is still stubbornly low.

As CNNMoney notes, “While California’s economy has been growing and hiring is increasing, the state has experienced its largest economic slowdown since the Great Depression.

Its economy shrank by 2.5 percent in the third quarter of this year.”

Thats not a huge amount of growth in a sector with a high rate of joblessness.2.

Connecticut — 23.5% unemployment ratesIn November the state’s unemployment average stood at 23.9%.

But its unemployment rate as a percent of the total labor force stood at 26.5%.

Thats slightly better than the national average of 26.3%.

Connecticut is also the only state in the country that is having a higher unemployment rate than its median household income.3.

Rhode Island — 24% unemployment averageWhile Rhode Island is the most populous state in America, it has a lower unemployment rate overall than most.

The unemployment number stood at 24.2 percent as of November, down from 25.9 in November 2017.

This was largely due to the drop in the number of unemployed adults.

That number is also up slightly from 25 percent in January, and up from 22.5 in November, which was a record low.4.

Oregon — 24%.5% averageWhile Oregon’s unemployment numbers are not as high as the national averages, they are still high compared to most of the nation.

The statewide unemployment rate stands at 24 percent, down only slightly from the 24.4 percent in December.

It was also up from 25 in December, which also was a high number.

The jobless rate for Oregonians is also down from 24.3 in December and the state was the only one of the 50 states that has seen a drop in its unemployment rates over the last three months.5.

Maryland — 25% unemployment, but not as bad as the states averageAccording to the latest CNNMoney data, Maryland’s unemployment figure stands at 25.4% — up from 24 percent in November and 25 percent as a share of the population.

That means that for every 100 people who are unemployed in the state, there are just 25 unemployed in Maryland.6.

Connecticut and Washington — 25.8 and 25% of the workforce, respectivelyWhile unemployment rates across the nation have been falling, it hasn’t been as steep as they have in some of the most important states.

There has been a big increase in the numbers of Americans looking for work, but as CNNMoney points out, “there’s been a notable lack of economic growth, despite the economy growing at a faster pace than any other major economy in the world.”

The numbers for Connecticut and Delaware are also showing a slight increase in employment.

Overall, there have been a few small bumps in the overall unemployment rate, but overall the overall trend is down in many states.

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