Why Vlad TV’s Game Show Hosts Will Have to Become Atheists

It’s hard to get past the fact that the host of the popular “Heavenly” show on VladTV has said on multiple occasions that he is not a Christian.

On a recent episode of the show, the host, Vlad Tepesov, explained that he doesn’t believe in God, but is open to the possibility that he may have been raised that way.

“I believe in the existence of God, and I don’t believe that God exists.

I think that there is a lot of spiritual beings in this world, but I’m not sure,” he said.

“So maybe it’s just a matter of who you’re connected with, and if that person’s like, ‘I’m a believer in God’ or ‘I’ve been raised a Christian,’ that’s OK.

I don´t know, but if it is, then I guess I might be a Christian.”

The hosts of “Hearts and Minds” have been outspoken on the topic of religion, especially when it comes to atheism, but Tepers recent comments have sparked a backlash from viewers.

“You can have your atheism, you can have the atheistic worldview, you don’t have to have the supernatural or supernatural experiences, you just have to be a good person,” Tepars said on a previous episode.

“We’ve got to be able to enjoy ourselves.”

He continued, “And the good thing is that I am a good Christian.

I have a family.

I know that my wife is a Christian, and she’s a great person, and her kids love her, and we love each other.”

The host added, “I don’t see God, I donʼt see the supernatural, but when I see that God has a big smile on his face and everything, I am able to feel like Iʼve seen something real.”

But on Thursday, Tepedov had another interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, where he made a number of more bizarre comments about his beliefs.

“If God exists, I have to believe in it,” he stated.

“Itʼs just a question of who?”

“I donʻt think God exists,” he continued.

“I’m not an atheist, but we are a human race and I can’t believe if God exists and I want to believe.”

In the interview, Teps head of media relations said that VladTV will be introducing an atheist segment on the show.

“There will be a show on our new program called ‘Hearts & Minds,’ where we will have a Christian host and the Christian viewers will be able talk to him, and hopefully they will understand that he does not believe in any supernatural being.

I guess that’s a good thing,” Teps said.

Tepes has been the host for the show for more than two decades, and he is considered one of the best hosts in the business.

He also hosts a daily talk show called “Vlad TV Live” on which he talks about religion.

The show has been one of VladTV’s biggest hits, drawing a total of 9.7 million viewers last year.

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