Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he would keep ‘guest host’ George Stephanopoulos on CNN

CNN’s Jake Tapper is not taking the Trump campaign’s latest suggestion seriously, and is instead focusing on the Republican National Committee chair who was asked about the topic during a Thursday news conference.

Tapper asked RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, “You were the one who said that he wouldn’t be able to have George Stephanopoulous on CNN?”

And Priebus said, “He was asking me, not him, ‘Are you sure?’

But he was asking.”

Priebus went on to say he’s not going to “sit idly by” as a result.

“You know, we’re going to make sure that he’s able to do that,” Priebus said.

“But I’m not going, Jake, I’m just going to be the one that makes the call and the one to make the calls.

We’re going, the RNC chairman is going to take care of it.”

The RNC chair has faced criticism for his decision to remove Stephanopoulos from the network’s morning program, and has also received criticism for not calling the incident a “security breach.”

On Wednesday, RNC Chairman Priebus said Stephanopoulos is no longer on CNN because the network “has decided not to renew his contract.”

The RNC said that it “does not believe it is appropriate to use the name George Stephanoulas to refer to the host of a program that was terminated.”

The Trump campaign later said the RNC had “misled” the public about Stephanopoulos and that he was no longer part of the network.

“Mr. Stephanopoulos was a valuable contributor to our campaign and the RNC and its staff are committed to continuing to serve as a credible voice on the national stage for the Republican Party and the American people,” the campaign said in a statement.

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