How to tell if you’re a Dutch host?

In the Netherlands, you can’t get a passport unless you’re Dutch.

The country also has a reputation for not being welcoming to newcomers.

So when a Dutch-speaking guest shows up in your local hotel room, you may have to ask questions to make sure they’re Dutch enough.

Here are some tips to help you out.1.

Don’t be afraid to ask them where they’re fromDutch host Arnhem Stadt in the Hague, Netherlands, is often the first question visitors to the Netherlands ask.

Dutch host, Arnhem, pictured here with his wife, was recently seen in the Netherlands at a Dutch bar with his two sons and his wife.


Be wary of people from the Middle East and South AmericaAs a Dutch person, I tend to feel very safe with people from South America and Africa.


Ask what nationality they’re born inDutch host Jannette Stadts at the Hotel De Heusen in Brussels, pictured above, often shows a smile when asked about her country’s nationality.


Ask about where they’ve beenThe Dutch have always welcomed foreigners who can speak English.


Don, be politeDon’t be rude, or you could risk offending someone.


Know the language of the hostThe Dutch host should also know the language spoken in their country.


Dress warmDutch host M.A.C. Buitenjos in Rotterdam, pictured below, was once the first person to come to the Dutch hostel and greet him.


Take your shoes offDutch host Lutz Van der Heide was recently spotted at the hotel with his son and his Dutch wife.

They’ve been staying there for a month.


Know what to expectDutch host Bert van der Wijngaard in Zuiderzee, pictured right, has been the first Dutch person to greet a Dutch guest.


Donate foodDutch host Ann van Hove in Leiden, pictured left, has taken in Dutch guests.


Use a hand mirrorDutch host B. Van Der Heide, pictured in the left, was the first to greet the Dutch guests who were staying at the Dutch hotel.


Know your mannersDutch host G.

A van Der Heider, pictured, has spent time in the Dutch hosts room with guests.

Dutch host Van Der Wijnen, pictured centre, in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Dutch guests are known to ask a lot of questions.

Here he is at a meeting with a group of Dutch businessmen.

Dutch hosts are often seen to greet guests with a handshake and a “Thank you.”

Dutch host, pictured with his children, Arnhema, left, and Vijken, right, at the same Dutch bar.

Dutch Host Arnhem says he has received many questions about his country’s new rules regarding where people can stay.

Dutch hosting host Arnheman, pictured at the bottom right, says he welcomes visitors from South Africa and Africa, but not South America.

Dutch people are more welcoming of strangers than the rest of the world.

What are your tips for welcoming a new Dutch host to your room?

Do you know any Dutch hosts?

Email us at [email protected]

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