How to create a website with zero hosting costs

A startup in Los Angeles is using its home office and a $4,000 credit card to build a website that allows people to sign up and use their credit card information without paying a single penny.

For $4.5, users can register and log in to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest and LinkedIn+.

Once logged in, they can sign up to receive alerts about news, events, and other content.

“We’re not just building a website, we’re building a community,” Alex Luech, CEO of In-Home Networking, said in an interview with Axios.

“We’re building our own social media and messaging system.

We’re building an open source web platform.”

The In-home Networking website features a live video feed that lets users record and upload videos to share with other In-House Networking members.

Users can also use social media tools to promote the site.

Alex Luez, CEO and cofounder of In Home Networking.

(Photo: In-Hoop)The website features an in-home video feed, which is live.

Users also can upload videos and post images.

Users can also add videos, photos, and audio files to the site, which will be shared on In- Home Network’s Facebook page and its official Instagram and Twitter pages.

In-Home has built a dedicated community for In- House members, where they can interact and interact with one another.

“We wanted to build something where the community is where the content is, where the interactions are,” Lueh said.

In-home networking is a growing industry, with a lot of companies focusing on building and maintaining a dedicated social media presence.

Luex said the company is building a social media platform for In House members so that they can engage with one-another without having to buy a domain or pay a monthly fee.

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