Empress Wu hosts a ‘heaven’ of a show, and it’s ‘very, very special’

In the midst of the chaos and chaos of 2016, Empress Wu has been hosting a show that is very special, she says.

Empress Wu’s special guest, who was the star of one of her previous shows, is her long-time friend, comedian and co-host of The Wukan Show podcast, who has been battling cancer.

He’s been in the hospital and has only recently started his life back on the road.

“It’s very, very sad that this happened, that he’s in such pain and so depressed, but we’re going to make sure he’s okay, and that’s our priority,” Wu says.

“I’m here to help him through this.”

Empress Wu will be holding a memorial service for Wu at 9 p.m.

Friday at the home of a friend of hers in Washington, D.C., to honor her, Wu’s producer and director of music, Johnathan Davis.

Empress has long been an advocate for musicians and artists, and the show has brought her close friends and collaborators to the table, including fellow comedian John Hodgman.

The two of them have also brought their family together for the occasion.

“My dad passed away last year,” Wu tells THR of her father.

“And my mom passed away in September last year.

I’m going to be there with them for the funeral.”

Empress has also been involved in the effort to raise awareness about cancer and to encourage musicians to do their best in order to survive it.

“Every day I wake up, I feel like I’m fighting for the survival of artists,” she says of her efforts to help musicians and the music industry.

“They’re going through this difficult time, and I’m here for them.”

Wu is an avid listener of podcasts and has been known to listen to a lot of them, and she has a particular love for the show that has helped her heal.

“What she does is amazing, and so is her ability to create a platform for people to connect and connect and talk about this, this pain and this trauma, and these experiences, and then talk about these things,” Davis says.

Wu says that in the beginning of the show, she wasn’t sure what to expect, but she was taken by how positive the fans seemed.

“She’s a really strong and positive person,” Davis adds.

“So when she had all these fans, she didn’t know what to do.

She had never done this before.

She was kind of lost and kind of shocked and surprised and overwhelmed.”

Wu says she’s not sure if she will continue to host the show.

She’s not even sure what kind of show she will be hosting, since the show is in its final stages.

“But I’m very, extremely excited,” Wu adds.

WATCH: Empress Wu: ‘The whole thing has been a miracle’

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