Why do the airlines have to pay for a hosta?

A hosta is a traditional Indian dessert, usually made from rice flour, coconut, coconut milk and cream, served at weddings, barbecues and festivals.

Airlines flywheel has come up with a hostan to accompany its daily flights.

The airline had initially planned to use a traditional cake made from wheat flour and coconut milk, but it found the recipe too complicated to do.

But, after finding a cheaper option, the airline has now decided to incorporate coconut milk into its flights.

“We wanted to make it easier to use in the cabin,” said the company’s president, Amit Thakur.

“A hostan is a delicious, simple dish with a lot of flavours and texture.

It’s served with coconut cream.

It has no calories, no sugar, no fat and no salt.”

The airline has launched a new website for its flights called www.pulsar.com, which has the recipe for its hostan.

It is available in English, Hindi and Marathi.

The website also has a section for flight attendant and pilot training, and a section on how to prepare the hostan for the flight.

The company is also working with a culinary education and training institute to ensure that its flights cater to all the passengers.

“It’s not only for the airlines, it’s also for other travel agencies and restaurants,” said Thakumal.

“The food should be suitable for everyone.

The flight attendants and pilots should be aware of the recipe and be prepared to prepare it for the passengers,” he added.”

We are also working on making our flights more luxurious and luxurious for our customers,” he said.

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