How to avoid shark tank host scams

A Canadian-based shark tank and aquarium is offering to pay $100,000 in damages to a shark owner who says his shark was caught in a trap and drowned after he was mistakenly sold for a $10,000 shark tank.

Chris Dutka, a former professional surfboarder who now works as a marine biologist, said he bought his $10 million shark tank in Vancouver in March, two years after he first went to the aquarium for a shark viewing session.

“I was very interested in the sharks and I wanted to see them, and I had seen some in the aquarium,” he said in an interview.

Story continues below advertisement”I think I paid a little bit of money for that.

But I didn’t know anything about the sharks or what they do or how they live.”

Mr. Dutaka said he first saw his shark in a trailer at the aquarium and then, after some research, he decided to buy one himself.

“We were talking about the aquarium, the aquarium is amazing,” he recalled.

“We were just like, ‘OK, let’s go to the shark tank.’

And it was on the first floor.”

He took his son to the room to take pictures and then walked outside to look for a friend to take photos of the shark.

Mr. Kallstrom said he was surprised to see a shark swimming along the deck of the boat, then turned around to find a pool of blood.

“It was kind of hard to tell where the blood was coming from,” he told CBC News.

“And then I saw the shark in the water.

And the shark was lying in the pool, so it was kind to see that.”

There was a lot of blood, and the shark wasn’t moving.

“Mr Kallquist said he saw the pool of shark blood “like it was blood from a dog.

“He said he immediately called 911 and began looking for his shark.”

He arrived at the hospital where he was taken to and immediately went to a doctor to get his blood drawn.””

I knew it was really big.”

He arrived at the hospital where he was taken to and immediately went to a doctor to get his blood drawn.

“He told me he didn’t see anything, and that he didn`t have a pulse, so I was pretty surprised,” he added.

Mr Kavlovic said he then called his wife to say he was going to be late for work and that the shark had died.

“My wife said, ‘That is a really sad story, because you did everything right,'” he recalled, adding that he told his wife that his son was to be with him at the time and they would not see the shark until later.

“She was like, but that`s the last thing I can say,” Mr. Kavlikovic said.

He said his son did not know about the shark’s death until about three days later, when he was at work when he received a call from his wife saying that her husband had died and was buried at a church.

“They had the news on their phone.

And I knew that my son would be crying.

He said, `Mom, he died,”‘ Mr. Duttas said.

“He was crying.

I was crying.”

Mr Dutas said he went to church and waited for his son at his mother’s house, but he said his family was still mourning the death.

“You have to understand that this was a terrible thing,” he recounted.

“The only thing that was going through my mind at the moment was, ‘Why didn`re I ever thinking of this?

Why didn`ve I ever imagined this?'”

The owner of the aquarium declined CBC News’ request for an interview and said he is “completely confident” his aquarium will be repaired and returned to its owners.

A Canadian-led group called Shark Rescue International is helping him to recover his shark tank, which is still missing some parts.

A spokesman for Shark Rescue said it is investigating the incident.

The aquarium’s director said in a statement: “Our sharks are trained to avoid traps and we always encourage our customers to be responsible when purchasing a shark tank for their own aquarium.”

“We have been in touch with the family of the deceased, and they have requested that we assist with the recovery of their pet shark,” the statement read.

A spokesperson for the aquarium’s parent company, the Vancouver Aquarium, said it will “continue to work with the authorities and our own shark experts to ensure that we can safely reopen the aquarium as soon as possible.”

A statement from the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority said it was also in contact with the owners of the facility.

“The Vancouver Aquatic Heritage Society is aware of the incident and is conducting an investigation into the circumstances of this death and the circumstances surrounding it,” the group said in the statement.

“Vancouver Aquatic will be offering a $100k compensation to any shark owner whose pet shark was purchased from the aquarium.”V

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