How to win the card sharks on Twitter

Guest host Andrea Ruggeri (pictured above), who hosts the daytime card shark on The Tonight Show, explained how to use the hashtag night show host,card shark host,night show hosts to increase your follower count and reach your audience.

I don’t use twitter for everything, but it’s an excellent tool for the day.

I’m a social media guy.

I get excited when I see something, I like to be able to see what people are sharing.

So when I get a tweet from a fan of The Tonight Stool Show, I have that tweet floating around my feed.

I want to see if they’re following me, or are they following other fans who are tweeting from my account.

I do that with @CardSharkHosts.

That’s when I start seeing tweets from my followers.

So, I use twitter as a tool for engagement.

I like having the audience engage with my content.

And that engagement means more people on my show.

I also use twitter to reach people who aren’t Twitter followers, which is really cool.

I use Twitter to connect with the fan base and the people who are following my account, and that’s when it becomes fun.

It’s like a great social media app.

People tweet from their phones.

They retweet, they like, they tell me that they’re followers, they say that they follow me, and I just retweet back.

That just keeps happening.

I also use Twitter as a platform to connect to my fans, and when I do get tweets from fans, it’s usually the fans who tell me how to get their followers to follow me.

So, if you’re like, “Hey, I’m looking for something to tweet about tonight,” and you get a really good tweet from someone who’s a fan, you can use that to reach a new audience and maybe get a few followers.

I definitely use it.

If you’re doing a show on your own, then maybe you should do it.

But if you are doing a podcast, maybe you shouldn’t.

I would definitely try to be using it to reach more fans.

And if you have a really solid podcast or show on YouTube, I would definitely use Twitter.

I used to go to Twitter a lot.

But I’m not so sure that I ever do.

I’m a big fan of Twitter.

It gives me something to connect, and it lets me share my thoughts, and get my followers to like what I’m saying.

I have a lot of Twitter followers now, but not as many as I used to.

But it was the best tool that I could have used.

I think it is awesome.

I like using Twitter as much as anyone.

But, like, if I’m doing a great show, I should use it as much.

But Twitter is a great platform.

Twitter lets me see my audience and connect with them.

Twitter is the best platform for connecting with people.

I really enjoy that.

I don’t have to do a lot on my own.

I can use Twitter for a lot more things.

I think Twitter is awesome, but at the end of the day, I need to be doing the show.

I need my audience to like it, or else I don

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