How to handle your Facebook comments

You’ve probably heard that you can’t leave a Facebook comment because you have “bad intent.”

You can still leave a comment, but it will only appear if you use the word “totally.”

The idea is to ensure your message gets seen and that Facebook knows that you’re not the one who’s being rude or mean.

Facebook also has a special section on its Help Center that explains how to “deactivate” a comment on your Facebook page.

You can see the relevant information at the bottom of the page.

But if you want to leave a full comment, you can.

To deactivate a comment You can deactivate the comment by clicking the “deactivation” link at the top of the comments page, and then clicking the deactivation button at the end of the comment.

You’ll then have to wait for a minute for Facebook to deactivate your comment.

However, Facebook has also created a special page on its Support Center that you should check out for more information on how to de-activate your Facebook comment.

It’s a bit confusing, but you can de-activate your comment from this page.

If you don’t want to use the page, you should probably also check out the FAQ page for Facebook’s Help Center.

And, of course, Facebook’s Support Center has some useful tips to help you deactivate comments you don.t like.

Here’s what you can do: Change your status status to “Deactivated” or “Deleted.”

The “deactivated” status will remain on your account, even if you don’ t like the comment or don’t use the words you used.

If it’s the latter, you might need to edit your status to remove the comment before it’s removed.

In the same section of the Help Center, click on the “Deactivation” icon and click the “Remove Comments” link.

This will delete the comment from your Facebook account.

In your comment’s status bar, click the link and choose “Deactivate.”

This will remove the comments you’ve deactivated from your account.

This is the same page where you’ll see the deactivated comments, but the comment will no longer appear in your feed.

You don’t have to delete the comments before they’re removed.

You might still see a message from Facebook saying that you did so.

Click the “Delete Comments” button and the de-activated comments will disappear.

Delete the comment that you deactivated.

This should delete all of the “dislike” and “unfollow” links that you see.

This isn’t the same as deleting the comment itself.

You should delete any comments that you don t like.

However: you should delete the one you de-identified as having bad intent, not the comment, so you can see whether the person you thought was trying to be mean really is.

To delete the “Bad Intent” comment, click “Delete Comment.”

You’ll see a “Delete comment” message on the bottom-right corner of your Facebook status bar.

Click it and delete the message.

You have two options here: Deactivate the comments.

Click “Delete.”

This should remove the “Dislike” link from the bottom right corner of the Facebook status line.

You may see a little message in your comment status saying that the comment was deleted.

This means that you deleted the comment you liked.

Delete all of your comments.

You’re done.

If the deactivation was a mistake, delete the account and then re-register.

This step can take up to 30 minutes.

You will still see the comment as deleted from your page.

However the comments will still appear on your page and you can view your posts.

Deactivate a “Disliked” comment.

Click on “Delete comments.”

This can delete the entire comment from Facebook, not just the one that was deactivated and deactivated it.

If a “disliked comment” exists, it means that Facebook is disputing that comment and you should remove it.

You won’t see it on your timeline.

If this is a comment you don”t like, click and choose to delete it from your timeline and then deactivate it.

Deactivating comments You can also delete comments you dislike by deactivating the comment on which they appear.

Clicking on the comment and clicking the Delete link at bottom-left will remove that comment.

To remove the deactivate message from your comments, click this link and click Delete Comments.

This page will display a message telling you that the deauthorized comment was de-enabled and removed.

If your comments are not deleted immediately, you may need to wait a few minutes for the comment to be de-deleted from your profile.

Facebook will deactivate and deactivate them again.

You cannot delete comments from Facebook if you do not use the “tandem” commenting system, in which you are sharing posts to one person with another.

To learn more about this system, read our Facebook comments FAQ

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