‘Giant’ Twitter deal could give you ‘a billion tweets’ for just £10 per month

Business Insider – UK Business Editor – 03/10/17 14:29:25 Twitter is trying to lure back its old user base by offering an additional billion tweets for just $10 per user per month, according to a report.

The social network said it had signed a deal with Google to use a new algorithm to predict the next tweets on users’ timelines, potentially creating billions of tweets.

Google is the parent company of Twitter, and is looking to monetise its user base and get more followers.

Twitter is not only seeking to improve its user experience but also to build a more global brand.

But some of the potential users might be the most desperate for the new service to help them find jobs.

A study from Cambridge University found that Twitter was “unlikely to become a global presence, especially given the limited data on the topic available”.

Google has already been experimenting with the idea of monetising users, which could lead to some big news, including a deal that allows advertisers to pay for search results.

However, some of these new tweets might also be more useful to users who have not seen them before.

For example, the company said it could “help people find content and videos in their timelines that they may not be able to find on Google’s search”.

And if a user was looking for information on a particular celebrity or business, the social network could help them to find what they are looking for.

“These types of new tweets may be particularly useful for people who are already looking for and interested in a particular topic or industry, or who have already done some research about a specific person,” the company wrote.

One of the biggest problems Twitter has had over the years is how to make money from its userbase.

As a result, its users are increasingly frustrated with the service, which has struggled to monetize its social media following.

It has faced criticism that its lack of growth was due to the fact that it is not growing at the speed it would like.

In the past, the biggest problem Twitter has faced has been its user acquisition problem, which caused the company to lose around a quarter of its users in the last year.

Now, with the new algorithm being introduced, it seems that the company is hoping that it can use the information it learns from the algorithm to attract new users, rather than focusing on increasing its own revenue.

If it succeeds, Twitter could make money by adding millions of new users per day.

So far, the algorithm has not been used for big business and social media, though Twitter could potentially introduce it to more of those.

Image credit: Getty Images

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