How to use the Zoom Host key to create a custom zooming host in the Cloudy web app

Cloudy’s custom host app allows you to set a custom zoom location in the app, and then set it as your default host location in your favorite hosting provider.

This is pretty cool if you’ve ever been to a webinar where you were asked to customize your app for that audience.

Cloudy also lets you create custom host profiles that have a custom name, custom location, and custom domain.

In this example, I’ve set the zoom location to the address: http://localhost:8080/ and the domain to

When you open the app to use it, you can see the zoom settings are now visible.

You can also create a new custom host profile by selecting the host profile from the drop-down menu and entering a host name and domain.

I’m using the default name, zoomhost.example, because I know that it’s my favorite name.

The only thing you need to do is enable the custom host location.

To do this, open the host menu and select the Settings button.

Then select the Customize Hosts tab.

Then in the Customization section, select Customize Customization from the list.

Select the zoom location.

Then click Apply.

The custom host will now be available as a custom location in Cloudy.

The host profile should now be set as your new host.

I just made a couple more changes in the hosts file.

I changed the domain, so that it now is the zoo.example:host.cloudy domain, but added a new line to the hosts section: zoomHostKey.domain=zoo.localhost.localHost key.domain.domain_change.key.domainChange.domainChanging.cloudysCustomHost.example If you want to set the domain key as your custom location instead of your localhost, you just need to edit the file.

In the hosts and properties sections, add the following lines to the file: cloudysCustomKey.server=cloudy.example Host.server_ip= Host.ip_addresses=10:10:50:50 Host.host_name=zoom Host.domainKey=zoolhost.mydomain.myhost.yourdomain.cloudhost Host.location=http://localhost Host.key_address=1034:9e1:fe6c:b2a2 Host.public_key_address=1035:2b7b:f8c6:d0a3 Host.username=example Cloudhost.user_name_change=Cloudhost.

Example.userCloudhost Host’s host.user name is already changed.

This change will not affect any hosts you have already set up, so you don’t need to make any further changes to your existing hosts file if you want this to work.

If you need help setting up your custom host, the official documentation has a great guide.

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