When will Minecraft: Apex Minecraft Edition launch?

Mashable is hosting a livestream of an event on April 6, 2018, featuring an exclusive interview with the lead developer of the upcoming game, Markus “Notch” Persson.

As part of the livestream, the Minecraft: Ape and the Beast developer will be discussing his latest game, Apex MineCraft Edition, and what he plans to do with the game.

Notch has not released a statement about the stream, but he’s been very open about his plans for the game, so it’s possible he’ll talk about how Apex MineChew will look.

If you want to catch Notch’s interview with Mashable, you can watch it here:Apex MineCraft is a “minecraft” game, which means it’s basically a multiplayer game that features more than two players.

The developers have also said that players will be able to build, construct, and battle with up to five other players.

In the game’s alpha, players would be able buy and sell items and get paid in-game currency.

As for how the game will look, Notch said he plans on having “a very basic, but very functional” experience.

He’s also looking forward to being able to create new content, like the next-gen “discovery mode” that players can access by buying and selling items and crafting their own items.

He also mentioned that he’ll be working on adding more features and content to Apex MineCos as time goes on.

If the game doesn’t launch before April 6th, it will be a good bet that not one but two new expansions are in the works.

Apex is an expansion that players who already own the game can purchase and play, with more content added every year.

There’s also a “super-expansion” that will be released next year called Apex: The Arena, which is going to include more content than any of the expansions.

If a new expansion is announced and the developer is able to deliver on it, there’s a good chance that the game could launch before the end of the year.

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