Google is going to hire an ink master to host its next meeting.

The company said the new job will be in charge of running the Google Ink team, which it plans to merge with the Ink Cloud team. 

“The Ink Cloud is a collaboration platform for digital content.

It allows publishers to leverage the cloud’s capabilities to produce their own content.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Ink Master, a world-class ink expert, to lead this new team,” said Google CEO Sundar Pichai. 

We are thrilled that Google is looking to hire a leader in the Ink cloud space to lead their next meeting with Ink.

We’re very excited about the Ink Master role in this initiative and we look forward to seeing the success of the Ink team in the coming years.” 

A spokesperson for Ink said that Ink Master is the only person on the team that can handle this role. 

The new hire joins a small group of Ink employees who have been given the task of handling Ink Cloud. 

Google has been experimenting with cloud publishing for years, but the Ink project has been at the heart of Google’s recent effort to push for more online content. 

A number of Google employees, including chief product officer and lead product architect Larry Page, have been working on the idea. 

Ink Cloud is being created by an outfit called InkLab, which has a team of around 80 people working on its own publishing platform. 

Microsoft has been trying to get more people involved in the online publishing market for years with the cloud publishing initiative, but its cloud-based publishing platform Azure has been the most successful. 

On Friday, Microsoft revealed its new publishing platform called Publishing 2020 that includes a number of features that will be available in the new Ink Cloud publishing platform, including a “Cloud Hub” that lets publishers publish content across all of their devices, as well as a subscription service that gives them access to the same publishing services as Google. 

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced plans to launch its own online publishing platform known as Microsoft Publishing 2020.

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