The biggest names in tech are not the most important in Silicon Valley

By MARTIN BRADSHAW, Associated Press tech columnistSAN FRANCISCO (AP) Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter have all seen their fortunes rise.

But the three biggest players in the tech industry are hardly the most valuable companies in the world.

The Forbes 400 list of the world’s richest people, published in September, ranks just four companies on its list of 400 wealthiest people.

The top five are Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Twitter.

But the three most valuable tech companies are far from the best-known, according to Forbes.

The tech industry is awash with money and power, and the list includes some of the most powerful people in the United States, the world and in the technology world.

Forbes has ranked companies in each of the top 10 industries and countries in the U.S., including the top five and bottom five.

Apple, Google and Facebook are the three companies on the Forbes list.

Forbes ranked Facebook in its top 50 on the list last year, when it had an estimated market cap of $150 billion.

Apple had an annual revenue of $42.6 billion last year.

It had an operating profit of $26.5 billion.

Facebook had an income of $53.4 billion.

Its operating profit last year was $12.9 billion.

Twitter had an average revenue of more than $12 billion a year.

Its total revenue last year and this year were more than a billion dollars.

Google had an industry-leading operating profit and net income of more to $5 billion a week.

Amazon had a revenue of about $12 trillion last year — more than all but a handful of other U.K. companies combined.

Its profits and operating income last year were about $11.3 billion.

Google, with a market cap more than two-thirds that of Amazon, had a $9.2 billion profit in 2015.

Twitter, which is the world headquarters for Google, had an impressive quarterly revenue of almost $13 billion last month, up from $6 billion in 2014.

Amazon had a net income in 2015 of about one-fourth of Google’s revenue.

Amazon has a net worth of about about $16.5 trillion, according the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which uses data from Bloomberg and other sources.

Twitter has about $4.5.billion in market value.

Apple has an estimated annual revenue value of more $60 billion.

Amazon has an operating income of about three times Amazon’s, Bloomberg reported.

Twitter had an $8.3 trillion revenue last quarter, more than twice Amazon’s.

Google has an annual operating income worth about $37 billion.

Twitter reported operating income at $4 billion in 2015, more then Facebook’s.

Twitter reported operating revenue at $10 billion in 2016, and net operating income in 2017.

Google reported operating profit at $3.4 trillion last quarter.

Twitter, with net operating profit, had $1.5 trln in revenue in 2016.

Twitter’s net income was about half of Facebook’s last year.(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)Apple’s annual revenue last month was $42 billion.

The company reported an operating loss of $9 billion last quarter and a net loss of more then $3 billion last fiscal year.

Facebook had an adjusted operating profit that was $3 trillion last fiscal quarter.

Twitter’s annual operating profit was $10.5 bn last year at about $10 trillion.

Its net operating loss was about $1 trillion last June.

Twitter also had an “Operating loss per share” of $3,000 last year in 2016 at about 3.5 times Facebook’s earnings per share.

Twitter said its operating loss per year in 2020 was $6.2 bn.

Apple’s quarterly operating profit for the year was about 25 percent.

Google reported operating profits of about 40 percent last year but reported operating losses of about 15 percent in 2017, Bloomberg said.

Twitter posted an adjusted earnings per user for its users last year of $8 a month at a time when it reported its earnings per users were $10 a month.

Google’s adjusted earnings are more than three times Facebook, Bloomberg added.

Twitter has a $10,000 annual valuation and reported operating earnings of about 13 percent last quarter at $2.3 a share.

Its revenue was $17 billion last November.

Twitter said last week it has $10bn in cash, up $4bn in the past two years.

Twitter also said it had $6bn in equity at the end of 2016.

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