The Sugar Rush host is the star of this video

“The Sugar Rush” host is one of the most popular video hosts on YouTube.

He’s been dubbed the “YouTube’s new face of the video” by many in the video industry.

The host is known for his unique style of live-streaming video, and he’s currently in a new show called The Sugar Race that airs every Sunday night on NBC’s The Tonight Show.

In this video, host Andrew Kliman shows off some of his newest tricks and tricks for capturing the hearts and minds of his viewers.

He shows off his new camera technique, which he calls the “Danger Room.”

It takes a selfie on a smartphone, and then captures the footage on a small video camera.

It takes less than a second to capture a shot, so Klimon has been able to capture some truly amazing video footage.

“I have to be honest, I love being able to show the world how I capture things,” Klimin told Engadgets.

“But I also like showing people what’s possible.”

Kliman said that the most challenging part of creating his new video is capturing the camera with his smartphone.

“It’s really hard because the camera is so small,” Klamin said.

“When you put the phone on a tripod, it doesn’t always get to the perfect height and angle.”

He said that if he’s capturing the same thing at different times, he’ll have to move the phone to get it right.

“Sometimes it’ll take a couple seconds for it to get there, but it’s so worth it because you’re capturing something incredible,” he said.

The new show airs every weeknight at 8 p.m.


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