A lot of good to come from tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise: ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ hosts to host The Tonight Show in 2018

A lot is on the line tonight as the cast of the hit NBC comedy Bachelorette tries to get the show back on track following a recent incident that resulted in a man being shot and killed by police officers. 

Bachelor host Ben Higgins has reportedly agreed to host the show for the second time in 2018, and according to a report, he will also serve as executive producer. 

According to TMZ, the two sides are expected to announce the details of the deal at tonight’s upfronts. 

“I have to say, tonight is really a good opportunity for Ben to continue to help us on The Tonight Program,” co-executive producer Michael Stipe told The Hollywood Reporter.

“He’s a very talented and passionate man, and we are so proud to have him join us.

We are all looking forward to him hosting tonight.” 

“Tonight Tonight” co-creator Adam Levine said he is thrilled to have Higgins back on the show.

“It was an honor to have Ben come back to the show, and it’s great to have someone who understands the craft of The Tonight Present,” he told The Times of India.

“We are thrilled to welcome him back to The Tonight Podcast and will work with him to help shape his show in the future.” 

On the night of the incident, Higgins posted a video on Instagram that showed two police officers approaching a man in a dark SUV and firing one round at him.

In the video, Higgins can be heard saying, “They shot my brother and he is alive.” 

As reported by TMZ, Higgins is also the creator of the popular podcast The Adam Levine Show, which has been described as “the ultimate guide for the modern lifestyle.” 

In the video’s description, Higgins said he believes the police response was justified.

“They had a legitimate reason for doing what they did,” he said.

“When you have a police officer firing at somebody, it’s just a little bit of a shock.

But the officer had his gun drawn, he was looking for an armed threat, and he didn’t get a lot of that.”

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