Why we don’t think we’ll be watching it at all – La Scala

La Scala are not exactly the most exciting side in Serie A, but they’re not bad either.

In terms of results, La Scala have beaten the likes of Genoa and Udinese, and will play Juventus at home for the first time in two years.

That means they’ve won the last three of their games, so they’re well-placed to reach the semi-finals.

They haven’t lost a league game since April.

That is, until the final day of the season.

They’ve beaten Juventus, Udinese and Roma, but not their own rivals.

Their last match, a 1-1 draw with Sassuolo, saw them concede two goals in the second half, and the result will be enough to see them through.

This is Serie A. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Lazio or Inter, you’ve got to watch this team.

They’re good, they’re competitive and they’re hungry.

For some reason, they’ve not been on our radar as a possible top four side for a while.

So what’s the catch? 

They’re not the most talented, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad.

They have a good balance between attacking and defensive players, and they have the ability to take advantage of any situation.

The question is whether they can score enough goals to reach that elusive top four.

The team that gets promoted in the last four will be the one that is going to have to beat Inter in the semi. 

As we head into the last 16, La Scalas are sitting on five points, and could be in danger of being relegated. 

But what if they’re the one to beat? 

The chances are they won’t.

Lazio are the stronger team and have already beaten Roma and Juventus in the past three matches, so it’s very unlikely that Inter will score enough to reach third place.

This isn’t about who wins. 

What will we watch? 

It will be a tough draw.

They beat Sassuola 2-1, while Lazio got beaten 2-0 by Udinese in the Champions League last season.

Inter are the clear favourites. 

The game will be broadcast live on Sky Sport 1 on Sunday, and it will be streamed online. 

Will the game go ahead? 


It’s been a long, hard season for the Bianconeri. 


We’re not in the least bit surprised by it, as the players have been frustrated at being left out of the squad.

They will have a tough time getting into the Champions’ League this season, and we don.

It would be a shame to lose one of our best players, as he has helped us so much this season. 

Can the teams keep pace? 

If La Scala lose, it would be the worst result for a side to reach a Champions League quarter-final since Inter’s defeat to Juventus in 2012.

The Bianconers are just the third team in Serie B history to lose three consecutive Serie A games, after Lazio and Inter.

The only other teams to do that were Roma in 2004 and Juventus the following year. 

Do I know this team? 

Well, the player who’s been in the team since January is Marco Di Vaio, the son of former coach Gianluca Di Vaia.

Marco has been a key player for the team this season as a right-back, and his defensive skills have helped them get through their last three games. 

Should we worry? 


They are a solid side that has been through a lot and can be dangerous at times. 

Are they really that good? 

Of course not.

They don’t have the best defence in Serie C, but the team is still capable of getting goals. 

How much will they cost? 

Lazio paid around $6 million for Di Vai.

Inter paid around €10 million. 

Is this a serious possibility? 

This could happen. 

Did Lazio lose because they didn’t have enough players? 

Definitely not. 

Would the Biancons be a threat to Juventus? 

I don’t see how Lazio would be able to keep pace with the best sides in Italy.

Lazios players have only played a few games together this season and the two teams have not played each other in Serie D. Could Lazio score goals from a clean sheet? 

Not really.

They didn’t score from their own goal at Lazio last season, when Di Vao played the decisive role in getting them to the final. 

Where do we stand? 

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