Cupcake wars: host ‘hosts’ racist tirades on Facebook

A Facebook page called Cupcake Wars has become a source of frustration for many people in America, where the popular dessert has become so ingrained that people are willing to put up with its bizarre behavior.The Cupcake War forum, which has been active for about two weeks, has attracted about 2,000 posts, including one posted […]

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The Host Novel is back!

A host series, which was originally released in 2007, returns to Netflix.The first season of The Host was a runaway success, garnering a Golden Globe nomination for best television series.The second season of the series was released in 2016 and earned two Emmy nominations.The series was adapted into a film, starring Scarlett Johansson and directed […]

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How to pronounce ‘dolly’ in the words ‘dolphin’ and ‘poodle’

The word ‘doll’ is spelled differently depending on the country.The first syllable in the word ‘poodles’ means ‘dog’.If it were spelled ‘polly’ it would mean ‘pooey’.‘Dolly’ is the spelling of the word, and it’s pronounced ‘pody-lah’.You can use this example if you’re trying to spell ‘doodle’.‘Poodle’ is pronounced ‘pee-lah’.So in Australian English, you’ll be able […]

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How do I find out if a website is hosting malware?

An article published in Newsweek reveals how to spot whether a website hosts malware.It’s a handy way to check if malware is present and avoid potentially damaging data leaks.“It’s not really a malicious website at all,” says Joshua Raskin, a security researcher who discovered the malware and recently published an analysis of the attack on […]

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